Both 911 & 914 Conversions were started in 1999 and completed in 2000. The ToyJet 911 was originally
fitted with the first generation LS1. Presently my 911 is fitted with a later model
Twin Turbo hand built
forged LSX 427 engine. The Toy Rocket 914 is fitted with a stock Corvette 5.7L LS1 engine
When launching and stopping this beast, passengers may experience temporary black-out due to "G"
forces caused by acceleration and deceleration speeds faster than what they are normally accustomed to.

We are specialized in thinking out of the box

You come in driving and leave out flying!
Let's take a ride in the Toy-Jet

At the point of ignition, you hear the eight cylinders seem to fire all at once as if
you heard one big explosion. As soon as the eruption dies down you hear the high
pitch sound of the turbine.

Warning: Make sure you are buckled up, equipped with a neck brace and the car
is lined up perfectly parallel to the roadway before take off.

First gear is short and brief.

At the instant you shift into second gear, then disengage the clutch, you will find
yourself pinned into the seat while blood rushes violently towards the back of your
head to feed this sensation.

The violence has just began. This Beast when held in
Second gear to 7000 revolutions per minute, will shift out at about 90 to 100mph.
Unfortunately this does not give you much time to recuperate.

Third gear allow you to recover briefly, but only until you reach 5500 rpm.

TWIN TURBO boost is almost instantaneous. This makes it very difficult to
convince your passenger you are not secretly pushing a 300hp shot of NOS while
accelerating this Beast through the gears.

Fourth gear will take you well beyond take-off speed for the average 747-Jet

Fifth gear is ridiculous. This gear is for those who are insane or have no fear.
The faster you go the less courage you may experience, unless you have seniority
in the Indy car drivers club. You will find yourself short shifting into fifth gear at
about 185mph. only to disappear into the sunset.

The above experience can radically be enhanced, by tweaking the waste gates  
and running race fuel. I prefer pump gas from my local neighborhood Station.

This Beast is only as ferocious as the nut behind the steering wheel. With all of
the above considered, it is also quite docile. My wife uses this car for getting
groceries and going to the local neighborhood meetings.

In Conclusion:
This Beast is Awsome, Insane, but also very fun and exciting to drive.
See my very first successful quarter mile run, done in 2000 at Houston                         
International Raceway (Listen closely, sorry I missed fourth gear)

"Toy Rocket"
"Worlds First" LS1 Porsche 914
"We believe you can fly"            
done in 2000
Auto Rama Car Show
Houston, Tx
Hear the roaring sound of the Supercharger
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World's First!

1000 + Horse Power
              "All Rear Wheel Horsepower"                                     

                    Toy-Jet Conversions Inc.
                         Home of the "World's First" LS1 Porsche 911 & 914
                                      Where you can drive in then fly out

                     AWARDED FOUR US Patents

Toy-Jet High Performance Cooling System & Water Pump Adapters
Proven product: Toy-Jet celebrates over 20 years of on the road daily driving
Page 1
CLEMON'S "Toy-Jet"
Supercharged LS1 based Corvette engine inside
About the Inventor : I am an Industrial Electronic Technician with a passion for small cars with big engines.
Tunning done by SXT Performance
San Leon, Texas
Patent Number
US D678,911S & US D685,393S
Available And In Production
Available For Purchase (Patented)

Note the versatility of this unit, note the different inlet and outlet configurations available

For Purchase contact me at or reference page 9
Toy-Jet WP 2    
Billet Aluminum Water Pump Adapter
2 – Water Pump Gaskets
6 - Bolts M8 x 1.25 x 80mm
2 - Straight 1 inch NPT fittings (1.25 inch hose size)
2 - 1 inch NPT Plugs
New Billet Aluminum Water Pump Adapter
US Patents
Oh I forgot to mention, all of that performance with cold!!! AC
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"First in the world" to implement the reverse intake manifold method in 1999. This enabled and convinced other conversion
experts that this process was possible to do on early model 911s and the 914s. With this implementation, the conversion
process is possible without having to cut any body parts to fit the engine inside the
"rear engine" Porsche's small engine bay.
ToyJet get recognized in Car Craft Magazine
September 2014 Issue
"New"Patent Issued"   12/8/2015   US Patent 9, 206, 731
Manifold for use with water-cooled internal combustion engines
Thanks to the invention of the "Toy-Jet LS1" conversion process, less body parts are cut when doing the
V8 conversion.  No longer do not have to compromise the high strength and quality of the legendary
                  Porsche 911 & 914
Super Charged                                                           Twin Turbo
Single                                                                                                                   Twin
Intercooler                                                                                                          Intercoolers
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Copyright 2000cpp
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984 Hp
             21 years of trouble free street driving
                       LS Swap done in 1999
          LS1Tech Features the Toy-Jet         
                            Click the link below to read article

       Toy-Jet goes Twin Turbo / LS 427
New Dyno numbers comming Soon!
Twin Turbo 416
919 HP at the wheels
Hear this beast idle
  Click below
985 Torque
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